Aconcagua photos, the first photo book of the highest mountain in the world outside Himalayas



This book is the result of many seasons’ fieldwork at Mt. Aconcagua, consisting of more than 100 photographs that document the sheer power, beauty and life of the highest peak in the world outside of the Himalayas. The pictures also capture the curious dynamic present in many big mountains: on the one hand, the distinct atmosphere of wild, open spaces with its larger-than-human scale; on the other, crowded base camps turned tent cities that look as cosmopolitan as a European capital, with trade and administration of their own.

The images in “Aconcagua Photographs” form a documentary about mountaineering in Aconcagua. They have the air of an adventure story, of someone who shoulders a backpack and departs on a new expedition that feels the landscapes and colors of the high places, discovers the wildlife of the valleys and meets new friends. This book was created out of this spirit.

11” x 9” landscape, 152 pages, premium quality printing, hard case & dust jacket.

About the authors

Pablo Betancourt, photos.

Photographer and mountaineer. Author of 2 books and 3 guides, Betancourt has worked as a press photographer for newspapers and magazines. Today, he devotes his time to advertising photography and documentary filmmaking

Nicolás García, texts.

Journalist and  mountaineer. Publisher of one mountain guide and many articles about nature and outdoors, Garcia has participated in frequent documentaries and media productions in the field.

Where to buy it

Mendoza, Argentina:

  • Aconcagua Map – Pasaje San Martín local 11 – Av. San Martín 1136
  • Librería Técnica – Rivadavia 24
  • Librería García Santos – San Martín 921
  • Ansilta Mountain shop – Sarmiento 107
  • The Vines -Park Hyatt Mendoza
  • Pierobon Montaña – Coronel Plaza 348 -Cdad
  • Orviz – Juan B. Justo 532
  • Minimarket Alto Ahí – Mendoza Airport
  • The North Face – Chile 1236

Buenos Aires, Argentina:


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SHERPA TIENDA DE MONTAÑA Belgrano 322, 8000 Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires 0291 456-1144

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